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Santa Clarita Marathon – November 7, 2010 November 8, 2010

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As I was pondering my week and how to get a long run in, I remembered the Santa Clarita marathon on Sunday.  Good day because I don’t have to teach and it is nice to not always run alone.  This idea was met some shock and resistance on several fronts which is understandable.  However, when I get an idea in my head I do like to follow through.

So after receiving final approval 🙂 the kids and I went out to Santa Clarita to register.  Let me add here that there was also a Toms’ shoe sale in Valencia where people were carrying out bags (huge bags) of shoes for 20.00 each.  Very convenient but the line to pay was an hour long so we couldn’t stay (note for future and sorry Jane).

I was surprised to find out that when I received the number 382, that was because that was how few people run the marathon.  A couple thousand for the half but it does get spread out when they leave the course.  I have to say it was a very nice marathon.  Great volunteers, aid every mile.  warm clean Hyatt bathrooms at the start, EASY parking and a beloved Chipotle at the end.  Thumbs up and would do it again.

But the real reason for going out there is the people.  I met a bunch of fine people from the Pasadena Pacers.  A 72 year old man that was running his 205th marathon and gave great advice about staying in the moment and listening to your body.  I always think I am faster than I am and it is a good serving of humble pie to see all the shapes, sizes and ages passing me by.

It was a beautiful day.  For me, running a marathon forces me to stay present.  Although it might seem the opposite, the repetitive nature of mile after mile on pavement makes me focus on that specific mile.  It is much easier physically that a 50k on trails but a completely different kind of mental challenge.  I was able to really think about technique and form, easy and effortless was my goal.  It was a blessing to be able to run this race, thanks to all who made it possible 🙂



Why BreatheSingRun? November 4, 2010

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Hello and welcome! BreatheSingRun came to me while I was running –  as many things do (more on that later). These are 3 things that I am passionate about and am constantly fascinated by what they teach me about life and what they have in common. My goal is to have 3 separate categories so that the ideas on each can be divided. This site is also a portal for information about my voice studio. Thanks for visiting!